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Nutella roll recipe video

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Recipe Nutella roll recipe video by Flavia Imperatore of 19-02-2014 [Updated on 01-06-2016]

In this video recipe of the Nutella roll I explain how to prepare a classic dessert, very easy to prepare, but really good and ready in a few minutes. This roll, consisting of a soft biscuit dough combined with Nutella, is a perfect combination, but instead you can safely use jam, chocolate cream, etc. according to personal tastes.


How to make the nutella roll

To prepare the Nutella roll, whip the eggs with the sugar until their volume has doubled. Then continuing to whisk, add the flour and the yeast a little at a time, in the same way then add the milk slowly, continuing to whip all the ingredients until a smooth batter is obtained. In the meantime, line the baking tray with parchment paper and pour in the batter, leveling it as best as possible, then bake in a preheated oven at 220 ° for 7-8 minutes. After the cooking time has elapsed, place a sheet of baking paper on a support surface and turn the base of the roll over it, then remove the baking paper used in cooking. Sprinkle the entire hot surface with Nutella and roll up your cake with the help of baking paper. Leave the roll to harden in the fridge for an hour wrapped in baking paper, then sprinkle with icing sugar, slice and serve your Nutella roll as well.

Nutella Roll

Not sure what to eat as a snack? Are you in the mood for something truly greedy? So this great NUTELLA ROLL, is just the one for you. It is a simple, quick and extremely tasty recipe. Sure this sweet it will not be a cure-all for your figure, but with a good run in the park you can make up for some excess. So what are you waiting for? Prepare the ingredients, turn on the oven and enjoy a slice of this roll.

  • Low difficulty
  • Low cost
  • Preparation time 10 minutes
  • Cooking time 10 minutes
  • Servings 8 people
  • Italian cuisine

How to make a Nutella roll? Here is the perfect recipe [VIDEO]

How to make a Nutella roll? Let's discover the recipe for the simplest and most delicious dessert, preferred above all by children.

How to make a Nutella roll? The dessert, preferred especially by children, is the ideal choice for one snack different or a more complete breakfast. There consistency soft, it goes perfectly with the delicate touch of Nutella, capable of conquering the palate, very easily. In addition, it is also possible to stuff it with different creams or jams, according to tastes and preferences. But let's find out the recipe.

How to make a Nutella roll?

We discover, below, the ingrediants starting points that are used for the preparation of our Nutella roll:

  • 5 eggs
  • 50 g corn starch
  • 70 g sugar
  • 70 g sunflower oil
  • 1/2 grated lemon
  • 200 g nutella
  • 250 g mascarpone
  • powdered sugar
  • bitter cocoa


Once the ingredients have been gathered, let's find out how to use them, step by step, during the Preparation of the dessert:


Arrange, on a sheet of parchment paper, close to each other, the three slices of bread for sandwiches, slightly overlapping the sides.

Now, flatten the bread with a rolling pin.

Heat about 6 tablespoons of Nutella in a bain-marie or in the microwave.

Now, spread it on the previously flattened slices of bread.

Complete by adding drops or flakes of white chocolate.

Roll up the bread, with the help of parchment paper, to form a roll.

Brown the Nutella roll quickly, in a preheated oven at 190 ° for about 10 minutes. It will be ready when the surface is golden and crunchy.

At the end of cooking, take the Nutella Rotolo out of the oven, place it on a serving tray, sprinkle it with icing sugar and serve, cutting it into slices.

Nutella Roll.

Hello everybody!
I was looking for a simple recipe and good poer to prepare a nutella roll .. someone can help me.

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there are various recipes and even one of a nutella roll. hello and let me know if you do it as it comes.

I have this
Roll with coconut and nutella: "
5 eggs
1 glass of sugar
1 glass of flour
1 glass of oil
1 sachet of vanillin
1 sachet of yeast

after having amalgamated all the ingredients (as in the order), spread some paper (baking paper) on the baking sheet and pour the mixture.
cooking at 180 for 15 minutes.
remove from the oven and spread a lot of Nutella (put as much as you want). then it is necessary to roll it up (please do this when the cake is still hot. Otherwise rolling it will be a challenge!). then as soon as it has cooled, sprinkle it with coconut flour

125 g of sugar
100g of flour
4 eggs
50g of butter
1/2 lemon
1 sachet of baking powder

Blend the egg yolks with the sugar until the mixture becomes white and fluffy. Then add the melted butter, grated lemon zest, flour and baking powder.
Mix so that the mixture becomes homogeneous and without lumps, then add the whipped egg whites until stiff peaks.
Spread the appropriate paper, greased with butter and floured on the baking sheet, and flatten the dough on it so that it does not exceed the thickness of 1 cm, evening well.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180 for 8-10 minutes, no more, that is, until the pasta is cooked but is still light in color.

Allow to cool and spread a nutella and mascarpone cream (in proportion 1: 1).
Roll up gently, using a damp cloth.
there are various recipes and even one of a nutella roll. hello and let me know if you do it as it comes.

Hello "insicura1"!
I have not found any recipe on the Nutella website. maybe I have to register.
How should I do?

Thanks to "galathil" and "silvil79"!

Does anyone still have recipes.
I'll prepare it tomorrow and then I'll let you know!

Hello "insicura1"!
I have not found any recipe on the Nutella website. maybe I have to register.
How should I do?

Thanks to "galathil" and "silvil79"!

Does anyone still have recipes.
I'll prepare it tomorrow and then I'll let you know!

To see the recipes you should have the Flash player (it's free and now it's on almost every computer). When the site has loaded, choose the 'Nutella Cooking' link at the bottom right (it's the penultimate one, it seems to me). At this point you have 3 sections to choose from: to taste, to savor and to devour (or something like that. In all there will be about thirty recipes all based on Nutella.
You don't have to register.

Nutella Roll

140 grams of sugar plus a level spoon and 100 grams of flour 5 medium eggs 10 grams of honey a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt to fill 300 350 g of hazelnut spread to sprinkle with powdered sugar as required

first I divided the egg whites from the yolks and egg whites we will use later instead we put the yolks inside the cup of a mixer equipped with whips as you see we add the honey the vanilla in this case I used a vanilla extract with you you can use even a half berry the seeds obviously of a half berry or a vanillin sachet I add the sugar 90 grams not all and then begin to blend for at least 10 minutes the mixture must become light and fluffy while in the mixer it is assembled with the shifts I in a separate bowl I whipped the egg whites with a pinch of salt and the remaining sugar the egg whites as you can see are not whipped until stiff they are very creamy this because if they were whipped until stiff peaks once we go to add them to the yolks would form annoying lumps now let's go to combine the two compounds you see how nice it is clear creamy then stirring well and delicately from the bottom up to forfeit dell & # 8217aria we amalgamate them now that we have thoroughly amalgamated the mixture of egg whites to the mixture of yolks add the flour sifting it very gently so as not to disassemble everything now we cut out a sheet of parchment paper that is the exact size of the le of the dripping pan of your oven standard at this point we spread the mixture on top which should then take on the thickness of about one centimeter I want to put it in the pan which must be cold I recommend and then bake the mixture at 220 degrees in a static oven for 6 minutes I recommend it must not become colored it must stay clear here we have removed the biscuit bread from the oven and as you can see we immediately removed from the pan we placed it with parchment paper or on a cold surface and now we sprinkle everything with granulated sugar that will serve to avoid sticking the biscuit bread to the film we will find out in the transparent film sealing the edges well so that the steam remains trapped inside and therefore gives the biscuit bread elasticity and the right humidity which will then be needed to be able to roll it easily without breaking our biscuit and cold bread then remove the film if you want to remove a bit of excess sugar you can do it with a brush we remove the paper paste with delicacy that comes off easily because as you will feel it is rather humid and now we spread this wonderful hazelnut cream to make it more fluid a few seconds in the microwave we leave a border of a few cm all 8217 around the cream does not come out when we are going to roll let's say that I used about 300 350 g of cream you can use less or more depending on your tastes and now we roll up the shorter side with an aluminum foil you can store in the refrigerator for half an hour after which it will be ready to be tasted and here we are ready for the last touch that the final, that is, sprinkle the roll with a little icing sugar

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ll Nutella Roll It is a dessert made with a base of biscuit dough, soft and elastic, baked in the oven, stuffed with delicious Nutella and finally rolled up.
It is a very classic preparation, which never goes out of fashion: doing it at home is a really simple and inexpensive operation, which always guarantees excellent results.

As for every recipe there are different versions, both for the ingredients used in the dough and for the filling, to which, at times, ricotta is also added to the spreadable cream to make the mixture more creamy and substantial.

Our Nutella roll is composed of a base of flour, sugar, eggs and vanilla: the result is a biscuit dough that cooks in 10 minutes and is easily rolled up without breaking!

There are two important tips: let the biscuit dough cool completely before filling it and then let the roll wrapped in baking paper rest for at least 15 minutes, if not more, so that the Nutella is firm and you can cut perfect slices. and compact with ease.
A generous sprinkle of powdered sugar or cocoa (perhaps with a few flakes of whipped cream) and the dessert is ready to be served!

Not sure how to soften Nutella to spread it more easily? Read our guide!

Let's look at the video recipe of the Nutella Roll in the company of our chef Luca Gatti.

Chocolate roll

Nutella roll with Thermomix

Potato roll

Nutella Roll Recipe - Recipes by

Cooked and eaten nutella roll recipes video in the search engine. 0 recipes for cooked and eaten Nutella roll have been found video This is a not exactly recent recipe that I had copied some time ago from the Cotto e Mangiato program. cooked and eaten, the nutella roll. In short, the biscuit dough, that of the Nutella roll so to speak. My blog was missing the recipe of one of the most famous bases, that of & ldquopasta.

Desserts cooked and eaten, the nutella roll Chocolate cakes.

The Nutella roll is a real one. I was too afraid it was raw, however we ate it all. to say that it is not cooked well and the pasta. DESSERTS: Ice cream roll. Watch the Cooked and eaten program on Mediaset Video! Come back upstairs. NEWS. ITALY 1. Season. 2015/2016. 2014/2015. 2013/2014. 2012

Video Cooked and eaten: Ice cream roll - DOLCI MEDIASET ON DEMAND

Cream and nutella cake (cooked and eaten) Nutella and mascarpone roll. From imprastando. The nutella and mascarpone roll is phenomenal, the pairing of the filling is super. Cream and Nutella cake (cooked and eaten) Nutella cake. From Giusitta. Ingredients 3 eggs 140 sugar 250 flour 1 jar of Greek yogurt 0 white fat. How to prepare Rotolo alla Nutella, Roll stuffed with Nutella :. Cooked and eaten. Taste TG5. The cook's test. Masterchef. Empty the Fridge. Tech. Accessories. Flavors.

Nutella Roll - Recipe Misya's Nutella Roll.

Nutella roll cooked and eaten videos from the best Italian cooking recipe blogs. Recipes Nutella roll cooked and eaten video with photos and procedure. Jam roll - cooked and eaten. Category: Cooked and eaten. Doses for: 4 people. or alternatively also Nutella) and wrap with the help of paper. Most sought after recipes: candies stuffed with eggplant and shrimp. friselle with mother yeast. Stracchino and cherry tomatoes savory pie. Hello. mini sandwich with bread. On you can find roll with baked and eaten jam recipes of roll with baked and eaten jam. Nutella roll cooked and eaten. The roll with Cotto e Mangiato ice cream. Other recipes on the subject are the Cotto e Mangiato stracciatella ice cream and the chocolate, cream and nutella roll. As soon as it is cooked, turn it over on a. Nutella gluten-free roll. The Nutella roll can also be prepared without gluten. Ingredients: 150.

Cooked and Eaten Information: Watch online videos of your favorite show: Cooked and Eaten. Come back upstairs. ITALY 1. Season. 2015/2016. 2014/2015. 2013/2014. 2012. Cooked and eaten Roll. meat chocolate cream tart pies cooking desserts sweet sweets finger food food omelette frying lemon eggplant apples muffins The most abused, is the Nutella roll but I guess none. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes then remove the cooked dough from the paper and transfer it to.

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