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Easter dessert with sour cream

Easter dessert with sour cream

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The cream is drained in a cloth bag in a cool place until the next day.

Make a suitable soft (cake) dough from: flour, eggs, yeast, oil (butter / lard), milk, vanilla, rum essence and leave to rise. When ready, spread a thin sheet in the Easter tray, put raisins on the bottom of the tray and immediately pour the composition. The edges of the dough are cut short and turned. Whoever wants, can knit a roll of dough to decorate Easter, all around.

Composition: Mix the drained whey cream with the fine caster sugar, egg yolks, beaten egg whites, vanilla, flour and salt powder. It is good not to mix too much, because the cream can be cut, as it happens when we insist too much to make cream.

Bake at the right heat for about 40-45 minutes (check if it has baked!). Easter can be decorated with raisins, placed in the shape of a cross, from the beginning, or after the dough has risen in the oven. Easter is spread with a beaten egg yolk, after the dough has risen, to give it a reddish, beautiful and shiny appearance. When ready, the Easter will have a browned roll, and the composition will still be soft, but as it cools, the composition will harden. (So ​​be careful to move carefully, the Easter taken out of the oven, when it still has the soft composition!)

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